Managing Rice Residues and Fertilization to Improve Nutrient Use and Productivity of Irrigated Lowland Rice

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Strong Sour Tamarind Flavor of Methyl-2,3,4-trihydroexyhexanoate, a New Compound Isolated from the Leaves of Tamarindus Indica L. that Plays a Role in Plant Defence Mechanisms

Suprana M. Biswas, Nabanita Chakraborty and Supriya Chakraborty

Chemical Composition and Pulp Properties of Abaca (Musa textilis Nee) cv. Inosa Harvested at Different Stages of Stalk Maturity

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Development of Self-pollinating and Early-bearing Philippine Makapuno (Cocos nucifera L.) Hybrids

Tessie C. Nuñez and Edwin T. Ocoy

Conditions Surrounding Publication Performance of Faculty Member of Two Selected Higher Education Institutions In Easter Visayas, Philippines

Niño Antonio P. Villalino and Editha G. Cagasan

Water Quality of Mantayupan River in Barili, Cebu, Philippines

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Fungi from Coastal Sediments as Potential Agents in Biodegrading Used Engine Oil

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