Reaction of Some Cassava Accessions to Red Spider Mite Tetranychus kanzawai Kishida) Infestation

Emilia N Bernardo and Nelson M. Esguerra

Effect of Ethyl Methane Sulfonate and Co60 Gamma Irradiation in Winged Bean

Jejoma G. Armachuelo and Fernando A. Bernardo

Rural Development Information Coverage of Radio Stations Serving the Eastern Visayas

Monina M. Escalada

Effect of Different Population Densities and Nitrogen Levels on the Yield and Yield Components of Sorghum

Ruth Otaza Escasinas, R.G Escalada and Raymundo M. Trenuela

Fiber Recovery and Quality of Ten Abaca Varieties

R.P Bales, R.N. Santiago and N.M Gloria

Effect of Different Levels of Helicotylenchus Nematode Infestation on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato

E.A. Lopez, R.M. Gapasin and M.K Palomar

Some Factors Associated with the Adoption of Recommended Corn Production Practices in Southern Philippines

Myrna M. Avila

Effect of Different Cropping Systems on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Corn and Sweet Potato

Luvimin A. Evangelio and Elpidio L. Rosario

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