Heritability and Expected Gain from Selection for Yield, Weight Loss in Storage and Sprouting in Field Bed of Sweet Potato

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Wheat Flour Substitution Using Sweet Potato or Cassava in Some Bread and Snack Items

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Protein Quality of Foods

I. Evaluation of Biological and Biochemical Parameters for Protein Quality Assessment

Lydia A. Gloria

II. Application of Acceptable Parameters to Assess and Improve Diets

Lydia A. Gloria

Determination of Palmitic Acid Uptake by the Fat Body of the Madera Roach

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Biology of the Black and Green Leaf Folders of Sweet Potato

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Susceptibility of Yellow Dwarf Coconut Seedlings to Pestalozzia palmarum Cooke

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Farmers’ Participation in the Rice Seed Production Program in Leyte

Basilio A. Dabuel