Nursery Management in Relation to Root Deformation, Sowing and Shading

Edwin Cedamon, Eduardo Mangaoang, Nestor Gregorio, Arturo Pasa and John Herbohn

Cost-Effective Systems for Seedling Production and Tree Farm Establishment

Eduardo Mangaoang, Edwin Cedamon and Arturo Pasa

Present Tree Planting and Management Activities in Four Rural Communities in Leyte Province, the Philippines

Edwin Cedamon, Nick Emtage, Jungho Suh, John Herbohn, Steve Harrison and Eduardo Mangaoang

Variations in Socioeconomic Characteristics, Farming Assests and Livelihood Systems of Leyte Rural Households

Jungho Suh and Nick Emtage

Identification of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Community-based Forest Management Program

Jungho Suh and Nick Emtage

Estimated Financial Performance of Exotic and Indigenous Tree Species in Smallholder Plantations in Leyte Province

Steve Harrison, Tyron Venn, Renezita Sales, Edwin Mangaoang and John Herbohn

Impediments to Microfinancing of Smallholder Forestry on Leyte Island, The Philippines

Dennis Peque

DENR Rules and Regulations Governing Timber and Timber Products Planted on Private Land

Felipe Calub

Using a Typology of Tree-growers to Guide Forestry Extension

Jerome Vanclay

Potential Economic Impact of Improving Returns to Smallholder Tree Farmers in Leyte: A Cost Benefit Analysis of ACIAR Project ASEM/2003/052

John Herbohn and Steve Harrison