VOLUME 26 NO. 1 & NO. 2 2004


Yield and economic returns of peanut and sweetcorn as influenced by timing of planting the crops in an intercropping scheme

Ulysses A. Cagasan and Benjamin Agarcio

Response of corn to chicken dung and rice hull ash application and mycorrhizal fungi inoculation

Luz G. Asio and Alfredo B. Escasinas

Moisture adsorption isotherms of dried mangoes at a temperature range of 25 to 45℃

L. M. Diamante, Ken-ichi Ishibashi and Kazunori Hironaka

Deep bed peanut drying using Hukill’s Analysis

L. M. Diamante , M. S. Chinnan, and P. Mallikurjunan

Antifungal activity of six botanicals against root crop diseases

Manuel K. Palomar, Erlinda O. Landerito, Avelina P. Molato, Doreen S. Cayanong and Victoria G. Palermo

Development of an electronic moisture meter for abaca fiber

Feliciano G. Sinon and Alberto C. Martinez Jr.

Evaluation of the technical performance of root crop processing machines for sweetpotato grates and flour production

D. L. S. Tan, K. Miyamoto, K. Ishibashi, K. Matsuda, T. Satow

Characterization of nutrient deficiency symptoms in sweetpotato through farmer-scientist participatory approach

Anabella B. Tulin, Victor B. Asio, Dindo M. Campilan and Shigenao Kawai

Bioassay-guided isolation of the antimicrobial compounds of Coleus amboinicus Loureiro (Lamiaceae)

E. A. Vasquez, W. Kraus, J. Conrad, B. Volger, C. Zebitz and B. M. Rejesus