VOLUME 22 NO. 1 & NO. 2 2000


An aquatic wild plant as a keystone species in a traditional Philippine rice growing system: its agroecological implications

Konrad Martin and Joachim Sauerborn

Distribution, transmission and disease characterization of sweetpotato feathery mottle virus

Manuel K. Palomar, E.B. Barsalote and H.S.V. Colis

Microorganisms asssociated with postharvest spoilage of yams

R.C. Ray, M. Nedunzhiyan and C. Balagopalan

Botanical control of golden kuhol (Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck) using asyang [Mikania cordata (Burm. F.) B.L. Robinson]

Lualhati M. Noriel, Josef Margraf, Flora Mia Y. Duatin and Marilyn P. Guzman

External morphology of eri (Samia cynthia ricini Boisduval) egg during embryonic development

D.N.R. Reddy and K.C. Narayanaswamy

Surface charge characteristics of selected Philippine soils

Anabella B. Tulin

Nutrient status of soils in the rain forest of Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines

Sabine Zikeli, Victor B. Asio and Reinhold Jahn

Soil biological parameters as indicators of sustainability of natural and agricultural land use systems

M.S. Nagaraja and V.R. Ramakrishna Parama

Effects of temperature on drying rates and sensory qualities of sweetened maturing coconut meat (coco-crisps)

Lemuel M. Diamante, Jesebel P. Rosillo and Remberto Patindol