A review of upland agriculture, population pressure and environmental degradation in the Philippines

Victor B. Asio

In vitro propagation of citrus maxima (Burm) Merr.

M.M. Belarmino and D.B. Posas

Germination and emergence of fresh and aged sweet pepper (Capsicum anuum L.) seed as influenced by osmoconditioning treatments

N.L Beronilla and M.T. Diputado, Jr

Effect of shading on mango (Mangifera indica L.) seedling stocks grown in different potting media

M.L.A Dioquino, E.R. Alcober and A.D. Ramos

Root development in sweetpotato stem cuttings as influenced by pre-planting practices

J.R. Pardales, Jr. and C.B. Esquibel

Development and improvement of sweetpotato pickles

J.D. Tan and E.E. Forio

Quality evaluation of yoghurt from peanut milk

E.M. Masamayor and R.D. Lauzon

Development of sweetpotato-based fermented beverage

J.D. Tan and E.E. Forio

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