VOLUME 18 1996


Efficacy of selected fungicides against basal stem rot of wilt of tomato caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.

L.L. Borines and C.V. Ranchez

Efficacy of Paecilomyces lilacinus isolates for the control of root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita [Kofoid and White] Chitwood) in sweetpotato

C.D. Galano, R.M. Gapasin and J.L. Lim

Inhibitory and stimulatory effects of root exudates in two varieties of rice

S. Mandal, P.K. Tapaswi, R.N. Banerjee and R.L. Brahmachary

Mangrove floral composition and zonation in Western Leyte

R.F. Sebidos and R.V. Piedraverde

Improvement of the farmers’ direct-type copra dryer

E.E. Sudaria and R.V. Piedraverde

Racial differentiation of α- and ß- esterase isozymes in selected races of silkworm Bombyx mori L.

R.S. Umakanth and N.B. Krishnamurthy

Effect of multiple mating on reproductive in three popular races of silkworm Bombyx mori L.

P.J. Raju, Mahadevappa, D. Guruswamy, R. Raghuraman and S.B. Dandin