VOLUME 10 NOs. 3 & 4 JULY – DECEMBER 1988


Size Composition, Distribution, Length-Weight Relationship and Natural Food of the Blue Crab, Portunus pelagicus (L.) in Selected Coastal Waters in Leyte and Vicinity, Philippines

Corazon B. Batoy, Bernardita C. Pilapil and Josephine F. Sarmago

Microorganisms with Improved Saccharogenic and Proteolytic Properties for Root Crop-Based Soy Sauce

Julie C. Diamante

Assessment of Inoculation Techniques and Evaluation of Fungicides Against Potato Fusarium Dry Rot

Lucia M. Borines and Marina P. Natural

Sporad Formation and Pollen Fertility of Nine Local Coconut Cultivars

Tessie C. Nunez

Germination and Seedling Performance of Some Selected Coconut Hybrid Crosses

Loida Z. Nasayao

Effect of Different Factors on Germination and Tube Growth of Solanun sisymbrifolium Lam. Pollen

K.M. Kuruvilla, Y.S. Chauhan, G. Das and J.S. Kharbteng

Stress Cracking in Maize (Zea mays) Seeds

Alfredo B. Escasinas and Murray J. Hill

Effects of Method and Duration of Storing Seedpieces on Shoot Emergence and Growth of Abaca

Arsenio D. Ramos and Nestor M. Gloria

Effect of Varying Levels of Rock Phosphate on the Growth and Yield of Stylo (Stylosanthes guyanensis Aubl.) Under Acidic Soils

Antontio I. Padaoil Jr. and Reynaldo R. Javier

Note: Differential Sensitivity of Three Species of Drosophila to Two Cyclic Hydrocarbons

V.A. Vijayan and N.B. Krishnamurthy