Variability and Heritability of Some Metric Traits of Solanum khasianum Clarke

Author(s): S. Pal and K.K Singh


Genetic variability and heritability were estimated in Solanum khasianurn Clarke. Phenotypic variability ranged between 0.03 for fruits/bunch and yield/ plant, and 787.39 for number of fruits/plant. Genotypic variability was highest (497.07) for number of fruits/plant and lowest (0.01) for fruits/bunch and solasodine content. Genotypic coefficients of variability were high for number of branches/plant, number and yield of fruits/plant, and solasodine yield/plant indicating the potential for advancement by selection. Heritability estimates were high for days to flowering and fruiting, and number and yield of fruits/ plant; medium for number of branches, flowers/bunch, fruits/bunch and solaso-dine yield/plant; and low for days to maturity, height and solasodine content. Genetic advance varied between 0.08 for solasodine content and 36.49 for number of fruits/plant. Genetic advance expressed as percent of mean was highest (36.02%) for solasodine yield/plant and lowest (0.15) for solasodine content. The characters with high heritability estimates did not show high genetic ad-vance indicating non-additive gene effects and therefore low expected genetic gain by selection. In the case of number of branches, number and yield of fruits/ plant, and solasodine yield/plant, high phenotypic coefficient of variability asso-ciated with high genotypic coefficient of variability and high genetic advance in-dicated the possibility of improvement with respect to these characters by mass selections.

Keywords : Solanum khasianum. Solasodine. Genotypic variance. Heritabi- lity. Genetic advance. Mass selection.

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