Screening of endophytic microorganisms from sweetpotato for the production of antimicrobial compounds

Author(s): Julie D. Tan1, Edmundo L. Sanchez, Jr.1, Michiko Tanaka2, Taiki Katayama2, Kozo Asano2 and Fusao Tomita2


This study was an attempt to isolate endophytic microorganism with antimicorbial properties from sweetpotato that are grown in the Philippines. Endophytic microorganims were isolated from surface-sterilized stem cuttings of selected Philipine sweetpotato varieties such as BSP-SP-17, BSP-SP-22, and NSIC-SP-25. The isolates were purified and tested for antimicrobial activities using spot and streak inoculation methods against Lasiodiplodia theobromae (sweetpotato rot-causing mold), Colletotrichum gloesporoides (yam anthracnose-causing mold)

Keywords : sweetpotato, endophytes, zone of inhibition, bacteria, fungi, screening