Influence of Planting Date on Corn Grown in an Aquic Eutropept

Author(s): Emmanuel M. Cabia and Eduardo Paningbatan


Date of planting significantly influenced growth and development of corn. Corn first planted on the last week of April and those planted 3 and 5 weeks later (May 16 and May 29) exhibited superior growth and ear yields over those planted 7 and 9 weeks later (June 12 and June 27). Relative to the highest total ear yield obtained (3.65 tons/ha), the mean reduction in ear yield of plants in the latter treatments was 60.55% representing a three-fifth decrease in this parameter. This was due to the very wet conditions during the early growth stages which affected crop establishment and consequently, yield performance.

Keywords : Corn. Aquic Eutropept. Date of planting. Growth. Yield.

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