Filipino consumer preferences for peanut butter

Author(s): F. C. F. Galva1, L. S. Palomar2, M.L. dL. Francisco1, A. O. Lustre3 and A. V. A. Resurreccion4


One-on-one interviews were conducted nationwide in different regions in the Philippines. A total of 387 households participated in the survey. Most households bought peanut butter at least once a month. Results indicated that sweetness, brand. and price of product were the major, factors that influenced the choice of Filipino consumers of peanut butter to bity. There was some indication of “brand loyalty”. Approximately two-thirds of Filipino families actually preferred the firm (stabilized) type of peanut butter even when they bought the flowing (not stabilized) type because of lower price of the latter. Color was not a major factor considered by Filipino consumers in buying peanut butter. Some consumers (50%) liked added flavor (chocolate or fruit jelly) in their peanut butter and were willing to pay more than PhP 1.00 additional price for it. Filipino consumers were aware and knowledgeable about vitamin A and the presence of vitamin A-fortified food products in the market. They indicated that they would buy vitamin A-fortified peanut products when these were made available. Most of them (>90%) were willing to pay more than PhP 0.25 additional price with a large proportion who were willing to pay more than PhP 1.00 additional price.

Keywords : consumers, food preference, vitamin A-fortified.

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