Effect of Varying Levels of Rock Phosphate on the Growth and Yield of Stylo (Stylosanthes guyanensis Aubl.) Under Acidic Soils

Author(s): Antontio I. Padaoil Jr. and Reynaldo R. Javier


Height of stylo plants at first and second cuttings significantly increased upon application of 300 kg/ha rock phosphate (103.71 kg P2O5). Fresh herbage yield also increased when 100 to 400 kg/ha of rock phosphate was applied. Total fresh herbage and dry matter yields of Stylo applied with 100 kg/ha rock phosphate and supplemented with 30 kg N/ha and 60 kg K/ha were comparable to the yield of plants applied with 60 kg P2O5/ha from solophos. Plant tissue analysis from second to fourth cuttings revealed a general increase in P content, but not in N and K increasing rates of rock phosphate application.

Keywords : Stylosanthes guyanesis Aubl. Apatie. Rock phosphate. Acidic soild. Pasture legume.

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