Effect of Different Factors on Germination and Tube Growth of Solanun sisymbrifolium Lam. Pollen

Author(s): K.M. Kuruvilla, Y.S. Chauhan, G. Das and J.S. Kharbteng


Both germination and tube growth of Solanum sisymbrifolium Lam. Pollen require an optimum temperature of 25°C and a growth medium containing 100 ppm boric acid, 10% sucrose and 0.6% Bacto-agar. Pollen germination was stimulated by 5 and 10 ppm GA3, 1-10 ppm kinetin, 1 ppm ethylene, and 1 and 5 ppm ABA. Higher concentrations of these growth hormones reduced pollen germinability. Pollen tube elongation was stimulated by 10 ppm GA3, 1-10 ppm kinetin, 1 ppm ethylene and 1-10 ppm ABA. IAA at 5 to 25 ppm inhibited both pollen germination and tube growth. The degree of inhibition increased with higher concentrations of IAA.

Keywords : Pollen physiology. Solanum sisymbrifolium. Alkaloid. Germination. Tube growth. Growth regulators.

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