Cultural management manipulation for baby corn (Zea mays Linn.) production. I. Effects of variety and organic manure growth and yield of baby corn

Author: Reynaldo R. Javier


The percentage organic matter and total N and Olsen P in the soil were significantly increased with 120-180 kg N ha-1 organic matter manure application.
The application of organic manure at increasing rates (611P180 kg N ha-1) shortened the days to tassel, silk, and harvest of baby corn; increased the leaf area index (LAI), crop growth rate (CGR), net assimilation rate (NAR) and herbage yield: and improved the yield components which markedly increased the baby corn yield. The highest marketable and total yield of baby corn were attained by Pioneer 3014 at 180 kg N ha-1 and by VM2 and Davaonon at 120 kg N ha-1 of organic manure application.

Keywords : baby corn, organic manure, hybrid corn, open pollinated corn

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