Community structure of arthropods in Agusan del Norte lowland ricefields

Author(s): Rowena P. Varela11 and Lina T. Villacarlos2


The structure of insect pests and natural enemies associated with white stern borer(Scirpophaga innonata Walker) in the irrigated and rainfed lowland ricefields in Agusan del Norte was studied for two cropping seasons. Sweep net method was used to sample the populations of the various arthropods. More species of arthropods were sampled in rainfed lowland ricefields than in irrigated ricefields, however, difference in the diversity was not significant. Number of species and populations of arthropods were affected by cropping husbandry practices particularly weeding and application of pesticides. Climate did not significantly affect the arthropod diversity due to the erratic climatic conditions at the onset of the El Niño phenomenon.

Keywords : community structure, arthropods, lowland rice fields

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