Chemical dynamics of a highly weathered soil under native tree species in Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte

Author(s): Juvia P. Sueta, Victor B. Asio, and Anabella B. Tulin


The study evaluated the changes of the chemical properties of a highly weathered soil planted to native tree species. Soil samples were gathered at monthly interval for 12 months and were analyzed for pH, OM, N, P, Ca and Mg. Decomposition of leaf litter of the dominant native tree species (Parashorea malaanonan and Dipterocarpus warburgii) in the site was determined using the litter bag method.
Results revealed significant temporal variations of pH in CaCl2, OM, total N and available P, but not for pH in H2O and exchangeable Ca and Mg. Significant differences between sites (spatial variation) were also observed for OM, total N and exchangeable Ca and Mg suggesting the important effects of vegetation type on these soil properties. Decomposition rates of 0.0331 kg/ha/week and 0.0231 kg/ha/week were obtained for D. warburgii and P. malaanonan, respectively. Both rates suggest fast litter decomposition.

Keywords : Research productivity; DevCom approaches; DevCom domains

Annals of Tropical Research 29(1):73-89(2007)