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Response of sweetpotato to the combined application of organic and inorganic fertilizers in marginal upland

Berta C. Ratilla, Jay-Ar P. Bagarinao and Othello B. Capuno

Azolla pinnata R.Br.: a reliable fern species to demonstrate satisfactory in-vitro anti-oxidation under herbicidal toxicity

Arnab Kumar De, Indraneel Saha, Bipul Sarkar, Narottam Dey and MM Adak

The effect of Trichoderma on the growth and development of tomato and bean under greenhouse and field conditions

Gwendolyn Ban, Shamsul Akanda and Macquin Maino

Blood profile of broiler chickens fed diets supplemented with aged garlic extract or humates with probiotics at different growth stages

Honeylet J. Nicolas

Soil classification, suitability assessment, and contraints analyses of major soil series grown to sugarcane in Negros Occidental, Philippines

Clea Anne V. Corsiga, Rodrigo B. Badayos, Pearl B. Sanchez, Erlinda S. Paterno and Pompe C. Sta. Cruz

Aggregate stability affects carbon sequestration potential of different tropical soils

Leo Jude D. Villasica, Suzette B. Lina and Victor B. Asio

Distribution, mapping, sustainable harvesting & marketing of laurel leaves (Cinnamomum mindanaese Elmer) in Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines

Hemres M. Alburo, Rosalyn P. Alburo, Mario F. Gabucan and Cesilo Albiso

Evaluation of physicochemical, functional and microbiological properties of fermented EVIARC sweet jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) seeds flour

Maria Norfrelij J. Cuadra, Lorina A. Galvez and Felix J. Amestoso

Climate change and forest governance: towards a sustainable forest management of the half mile forest strip and adjacent communities in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Edina Augustino and Gileard Sifueli Minja

The natural environment as a significant factor in farmers and fishermen’s notions of peace

Guiraldo C. Fernandez and Sister Geraldine D. Villaluz



Copra Drying. I. Comparison Between the Recommended Practice and Farmer’s Practice of Splitted-Nut Arrangement Before Dying

Ly, Tung and Edilberto A. Hinay

Deep-Bin Drying Characteristics of Unshelled Peanuts

Nonilon T. Bulilan and Ernesto P. Lozada

Behavior and Growth of Pigs in Group Pens Under Different Feeding Systems

Teodulo O. Milleza and Teodoro A. Abilay

Smoked Product from Duck Meat

L.S Palomar and F.C Argañosa

Mass Media Habits of Rural People in a Philippine Municipality

G.T Sadsad

Effect of Defoliation, Runner Removal, and Fertilization on Tuber Yield of Taro

Sergio E. Abit and Arturo C. Alferez

Survey and Identification of Plant Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Sweet Potato and Cassava

Ruben M. Gapasin

Biology and Feeding Preference of Tobacco Budworm, Helicoverpa assulta (Guenee)

L.B. de Pedro and B. Morallo-Rejesus

Ecology of Mosquitos in a Philippine Community

Paciencia P. Milan



Culture of the Sweet Potato Scab Fungus (Sphaceloma batatas Saw.)

Fredeswinda O. Lao and G.G Divinagracia

Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Fresh Sausage with Different Levels of Duck Meat

Lutagarda Salares Palomar

Pathogenicity of Meloidogyne spp. and Rotylenchulus reniformis on Sweet Potato

Ruben M. Gapasin and R.B Valdez

Group Farming Experiences in Western Leyte, Philippines

Adeltrudis C. Tongco and Efrez Saz

Biology and Host Range of the Chinese Grasshopper, Oxya chinensis Thunberg

Bimbo T. Mandras and Dely P. Gapasin

Community Newsboard as a Micro-medium for Development

Wolfreda T. Alesna

Effect of Feeding Cobb Broilers at Different Ages with Various Levels of Cono Rice Bran

Ma. Evilia Tibon and G. R Gerona

Strength and Failure of Gangnail Connectors

Pedro Adonis D. Compendio

Sweet Potato as a Culture Medium Ingredient for Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.

Dionisia M. Trigo and M.K. Palomar



The Impact of Small-Scale Communal Irrigation Project on Income Distribution

Nerelito P. Pascual

Floral Morphology and Biology, Fruit and Seed Set, Seed Germination and Seedling Development of Taro

J. R. Pardales, Jr.

Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato As Influenced by Different Potassium Levels in Three Soil Types

Anabella T. Bautista and Rebecco M. Santiago

Growth and Development of Cassava under the Traditional and the Mukibat Systems of Planting

Ofelia P. Ahit, Sergio E. Abit, Manuel B. Posas

Seasonal Abundance of Red Spider Mite and Its Predators on Selected Cassava Accessions

Emiliana N. Bernardo and Nelson M. Esguerra

Effect of Brown Leaf Spot Disease on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato

Carlos S. de la Cruz, F. L. Loreto and M. K. Palomar

An Ecological Survey of the Weed Flora in the Major Root Crop Areas in the Philippines

M.I. Galinato and Percy E. Sajise

Prevalence and Economic Importance of Liverfluke Infestation in Slaughtered Carabaos and Cattle

Marissa T. Sabarez, L. M. Ancheta, D.C. Maniwang, S. C. Vencilao and T. J. Fernandez, Jr.



Integrated Control of the Carmine Spider Mite on Papaya

Nelson M. Esguerra and Frank H. Haramoto

Control of Meloidogyne incognita and Rotylenchulus reniformis and Its Effect on the Yield of Sweet Potato and Cassava

Ruben M. Gapasin

Biology of Taro Hornworm, Hippotion celerio L.

O.C.E. Diongzon, Jr.and D.P. Gapasin

Effect of Butachlor on the Protein Content of C-168 and 1R-36 Rice Cultivars at Different Growth Stages

Lualhati M. Noriel

Effect of Rust and Mottle Virus Infection on the Growth and Yield of Groundnut

E. H. Estrada and M. K. Palomar

Post-harvest Fumigation of Tubers for the Control of Sweet Potato Weevil

A. L. Acedo, Jr., E. C. Manoto and O. K. Bautista

Manipulation of Cultural Practices for ipil-ipil and Its Effect on the Intercropped Cassava

Rodolfo G. Escalada

Effects of Different Portions and Length of Storage of Cuttings on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato

C. A. Eronico, R. G. Escalada, and R. M. Trenuela

Innovative Performance of Coconut Farmers in Leyte and Southern Leyte, Philippines

Dolores L. Alcober



Heritability and Expected Gain from Selection for Yield, Weight Loss in Storage and Sprouting in Field Bed of Sweet Potato

Florencio A. Saladaga and Teme P. Hernandez

Wheat Flour Substitution Using Sweet Potato or Cassava in Some Bread and Snack Items

L. S. Palomar, Jovita A. Perez and Generosa L. Pascual

Protein Quality of Foods

I. Evaluation of Biological and Biochemical Parameters for Protein Quality Assessment

Lydia A. Gloria

II. Application of Acceptable Parameters to Assess and Improve Diets

Lydia A. Gloria

Determination of Palmitic Acid Uptake by the Fat Body of the Madera Roach

Franklin Chang, Nelson M. Esguerra and Eduardo A. Macion

Biology of the Black and Green Leaf Folders of Sweet Potato

Dely P. Gapasin and Lina Z. Rebadulla

Susceptibility of Yellow Dwarf Coconut Seedlings to Pestalozzia palmarum Cooke

Samuel I. Garcia and Manuel K. Palomar

Farmers’ Participation in the Rice Seed Production Program in Leyte

Basilio A. Dabuel



Reaction of Some Cassava Accessions to Red Spider Mite Tetranychus kanzawai Kishida) Infestation

Emilia N Bernardo and Nelson M. Esguerra

Effect of Ethyl Methane Sulfonate and Co60 Gamma Irradiation in Winged Bean

Jejoma G. Armachuelo and Fernando A. Bernardo

Rural Development Information Coverage of Radio Stations Serving the Eastern Visayas

Monina M. Escalada

Effect of Different Population Densities and Nitrogen Levels on the Yield and Yield Components of Sorghum

Ruth Otaza Escasinas, R.G Escalada and Raymundo M. Trenuela

Fiber Recovery and Quality of Ten Abaca Varieties

R.P Bales, R.N. Santiago and N.M Gloria

Effect of Different Levels of Helicotylenchus Nematode Infestation on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Potato

E.A. Lopez, R.M. Gapasin and M.K Palomar

Some Factors Associated with the Adoption of Recommended Corn Production Practices in Southern Philippines

Myrna M. Avila

Effect of Different Cropping Systems on the Growth and Yield of Sweet Corn and Sweet Potato

Luvimin A. Evangelio and Elpidio L. Rosario



Isolation and Characterization of the Insecticidal Fraction from Leaf Extracts of Thithonia diversifolia A. Gray

Ma. Florida A. Carino and Bolen Morallo-Rejesus

Elongation Response of IR-36 and RD-19 Rice Cultivars to Variation in Site of Naphthalic Anhydride and Thiobencarb Application

Rolinda L. Talatala

Inheritance of Resistance of Corn to Downy Mildew Caused by Perenosclerospora philippinensis (Weston) Shaw

Othello B. Capuno and Azucena L. Carpena

Growth and Survival of Containerized Moluccan Sau Seedlings Grown in Organic Containers

Manuel H. Reyes

Effects of Drying Platform Elevation and Size of Meat on the Rate of Copra Drying

Aida C. Mantilla and Tung Ly

Physico-Chemical Evaluation of the Natural Stability of Coconut Milk Emulsion

Oscar D. Monora and E. J. del Rosario

Leyte Farmers’ Perception of and Expectation from the National Coconut Planting/Replanting Program

Belita T. Amihan



Thiobencarb Phytotoxicity to Rice as Affected by Method of Nalphthalic Anhydride Application

Rolinda L. Talatala

Determination of the Nature of Tetraploidy in Cassava Through Meiotic Analysis

Celsa F. Armecin and Azucena L. Carpena

Effect of Fly Ash on the Growth ba and Yield of Sweet Potato

Luz A. Devaras, Rodolfo G. Escalada at and Bernadette F. Quirol

Morphological and Agronomic Traits Associated With Yield Performance of Sweet Potato

Jose L. Bacusmo and A. L. Carpena

Perceived Information Needs in Corn Production of Farm Management Technicians in Leyte

Benlida S. Pestilos and Monina Escalada

Relationship of Target Language Communication Strategies to Comprehensibility of Oral Narrations

Justiniano L. Seroy

Effect of Soil Type, Fertilization and Mycorrhizal inoculation on NPK Uptake of Cassava

Angela S. Almendras, Reynaldo E. de la Cruz and Ireneo J. Manglat

Fiber Quality and Recovery of Three Abaca Varieties as Affected by Tuxy Group and Setting Position In Spindle Stripping

Andres L. Alemania, R. M. Santiago and N. M. Gloria

Irrigation Water Management Simulation Model for Lowland Rice Production

M. C. Escalante, H. P. Johnson and C. Anderson



Fungi Associated with Leucaena Seeds a. their Influence on Germination

M. Satish Chandra Prabhu, P. Venkatasubbaiah, K.M. Safeeulla and H.S. Shettv

Performance of Taro Under Lowland Condition as Affected by Genotype, Nutritional Status and Population Density

J.R. Pardales Jr., M.R. Villanueva and F.R. Cotejo, Jr.

Irrigation Water Management Studies for Rice by Computer Simulation

M.C. Escalante H.P. Anderson and C. Anderson

Life History and Behavior of Eggplant Fruit Borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee

Anita M. Maureal, Ma. Flerida A. Carino, Lualhati M. Noriel and Nelson M. Esguerra

Isolation and identification of Acetic Acid and Lactic Acid Bacteria from Tuba and Lambanog Toddy

A.P. Bangi, E.D Bello and G. Bramhall

Time of Naphthalic Anhydride Application and its Influence on Thiobencarb Selectivity in Rice

Rolinda L. Talatala

Biology of the Greater Spike Moth, Tirathaba rulivena Walker

Lorenza B. de Pedro, Dely P. Gapasin and Lucia M. Maramara

Effect of Antioxidants and Fungistatic Agents on Rancidity in Dried Split-Salted Bisugo (Nemipterus taeniopterus Cuvier and Valencienes)

Dennis C. Varron and E.C. Sison

Effect of Chlorine Sources and Ammonium Sulfate on the Growth of Coconut Seedlings Grown on Four Soil Types

Antonio V. Veloso and Tung Ly