Allelopathic effect of botanical extracts on selected fungal pathogens and test plants

Author(s): Lualhati M. Noriel, Erlinda A. Vasquez, Carlito V. Ranchez, Glenn 0. Sopsop and Flora Mia Y. Duatin


The alellopathic effects of aqeous extracts of botanicals namely: Cassia alata L., Mikania cordata B.L. Robinson, Dioscorea hispida D. daemona Roxb., Tinospora rumphii L., Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L) Vahl, Piper belle L., and Peperomia pellucida HBK. against selected fungal pathogens and test plants were studied.
Growth response of the test fungi to the extracts include inhibition of spore germination, and mycelial growth, and reduction in the number and size of lesion. On the other hand, the allelopathic extracts caused inhibited germination of seed/tubers and reduction in root and shoot growth of the different test plants.

Keywords : Allelopathy, botanicals, herbicidal, fungicidal and growth inhibition

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