Annals of Tropical Research

ISSN 0116-0710 (print)

ISSN 2704-3541 (online)


International Scientific Journal

published by the Visayas State University

Baybay, Leyte, 6521-A Philippines

Aims & Scope

The Annals of Tropical Research is a semi-annual international peer-reviewed journal on research and development in tropical upland, lowland and marine settings. It publishes original results of local and foreign research on all aspects of agricultural and natural resource management including new research methodologies in basic and applied fields. Unsolicited review articles and symposium proceedings are also considered for publication.

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Accredited research journal by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED)

CHED’s journal accreditation has been discontinued in October 2016 and has been replaced by a journal incentive program (CMO 53 series of 2016)

Our Maiden Issue

ATR Maiden Issue (1979) | Full PDF

For Authors and Reviewers

Ten Simple Rules for Reviewers | Full PDF

Ten Simple Rules for Authors | Full PDF

Current Issue

Volume 42 No. 2 July – December (2020)

Next Issue

Volume 43 No. 1 January – June (2021)

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