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Volume 33 No.2 (2011)
July to December

The Status of Floristic Analysis of Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines - a Conservation Priority Area Classified as "Extremely High Critical"
Gerhard Langenberger and Beatriz S. Belonias PDF File (Abstract)

Bioassay-guided Identification of the Nematicidal Secondary Metabolites from Paecilomyces lilicanus for the Control of Root-knot Nematode (Meloidogyne graminicola, Golden and Birchfield)
Ruben M. Gapasin, Erlinda A. Vasquez and Giselle A. Rendon PDF File (Full Paper)

Energy Accounting of Irrigated Wheat Production to Post Production (Baking Bread) in Doroodzan, Fars Province, Iran
Seied Mohsen Taghay and Teodoro C. Mendoza PDF File (Abstract)

Fish Corral Composition, Abundance, and Distribution in the Reef Flat of Palompon, Leyte, Philippines
Jerome Benedict P. Cabansag, Arriane Krisna Rose T. Tuazon, and Liezel C. Paraboles PDF File (Abstract)

“Rainforestation Farming” - an Appropriate and Applied Ecological Approach for Landscape Rehabilitation and Impact Mitigation of Climate Change in the Humid Tropics
Friedhelm Göltenboth PDF File (Abstract)

Growth and Survival of Mangrove Seedlings under Different Levels of Salinity and Drought Stress
Nit Lyn B. Estomata and Pamela P. Abit PDF File (Abstract)

Growth and Yield Performance of Selected Lowland Rice Varieties under Alternate Wet and Dry Water Management
Melanie D. Ratilla and Ulysses A. Cagasan PDF File (Abstract)

Significant Changes Experienced by Adopters of Sustainable Organic Agriculture Technologies in Ormoc City, Philippines
Catherine L. Corcino and Editha G. Cagasan PDF File (Abstract)

Heavy Metals Content of Two Red Soils in Samar, Philippines
Ian A. Navarrete and Victor B. Asio PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 33 No.1 (2011)
ACIAR special issue

Will Indonesia be Successful in Reducing Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions with REDD+?
Medrilzam, Paul Dargusch and John Herbohn PDF File (Abstract)

Peat Forest Rehabilitation in Central Kalimantan and REDD+: Conflicting Roles of Government Agencies
Farwiza Farhan, Medrilzam and Sebastian Thomas PDF File (Abstract)

The Economic Drivers and Environmental Outcomes of CDM Projects in Vietnam
Leonard Smith, Paul Dargusch and Sebastian Thomas PDF File (Abstract)

Opportunities to Produce Carbon Offsets Using Conservation Farming Practices in Developing Countries
John Rochecouste and Paul Dargusch PDF File (Abstract)

Definition of Forest-Related Terms for REDD+: an Unresolved Issue
Steve Harrison and Nestor Gregorio PDF File (Abstract)

Why are There so Few Carbon Offset Projects in Pacific Island Countries
Paul Dargusch, Shaun McMahon, Sebastian Thomas and Ray Collins PDF File (Abstract)

An Assessment of Potential Benefits to Smallholders of REDD+ Components in the Philippines
Rodel Lasco, Florencia Pulhin, Leonida Bugayong and Marlon Mendoza PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 32 N0.2 (2010)
ACIAR special issue

The Seedling Nursery Survey on Leyte Island, the Philippines
Nestor Gregorio, Steve Harrison and John Herbohn PDF File (Full Paper)

Profiling Tree Nurseries in Northern Mindanao, the Philippines
Don Immanuel Edralin and Agustin Mercado Jr PDF File (Abstract)

The Need for Improved Nursery Management Practices and Marketing in the Tree Nurseries of Northern Mindanao
Don Immanuel Edralin and Agustin Mercado Jr PDF File (Abstract)

Insights from the Farm Forestry Tree Seedling Nursery Sector in Western Java, Indonesia
Agustin Mercado Jr, Paul Dargusch and Nestor Gregorio PDF File (Abstract)

Observations of Forestry Seedling Production Systems in Thailand and Vietnam
Steve Harrison and Nestor Gregorio PDF File (Abstract)

Review of Current Nursery Accreditation and Seedling Certification Systems for Forest and Fruit Trees in Leyte and Samar Islands, the Philippines
Eduardo O. Mangaoang PDF File (Abstract)

Ensuring Seedling Quality through Fruit Tree Nursery Accreditation and Implications for Forest Nursery Accreditation
Don Immanuel Edralin and Agustin Mercado, Jr PDF File (Abstract)

Design and Implementation of a Communication Campaign on Best Management Practice for Forest Nurseries
Rotacio Gravoso, Nestor Gregorio, Annabelle Gerona and Jayson Godoy PDF File (Abstract)

Financial Modelling of Smallholder Seedling Production
Steve Harrison, Nestor Gregorio and Wendy Wilson PDF File (Abstract)

Research Note: ERDB Research, Development and Extension Strategies for the Production of High Quality Planting Materials
Rafael Cadiz, Marilyn Landicho and Mylene Aparente PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 32 N0.1 (2010)

Purification and partial characterization of white radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. Long White) peroxidase from cell sespension culture extract
Sri Pudjirahati and Andi Tenri Adjeng Karossi PDF File (Full Paper)

Delayed yellowing of broccoli florets by ethanol: Some physio-biochemical changes during storage
Dewoowoogen P. Baclayon and Toshiyuki Matsui PDF File (Abstract)

Floral biology of Jatropha curcas L.
Angelo Jay M. Noriel and Othello B. Capuno PDF File (Abstract)

Cassava grates processing wastes as source of electrical energy
Mark Anthony R. Atanacio, Daniel Leslie S. Tan and Felix J. Amestoso PDF File (Abstract)

Nitrogen mineralization and phosphorus solubization due to rewetting of forest and paddy soils
Marco Rodel J. Aragon and Victor B. Asio PDF File (Abstract)

Isozyme polymorphism to detect genetic diversity of Jatropha curcas (L.) in India
Rekha R. Warrier, P. Priyadharshini, S. Senthil Vadivu, B. Devika Nagalakshmi, C. Savitha, R. Anandalakshmi, A. Nicodemus, and B. Gurudev Singh PDF File (Abstract)

Organic Agriculture: The logical sequence to modern chemical agriculture in the Philippine context
Teodoro C. Mendoza PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 31 N0.2 (2009)

Callus induction and plant regeneration of two Cuban rice cultivars using different seed explants and amino acid supplements
Maylin Perez-Bernal , Magalis Delgado Rigo, Carlos Alberto Hernandez Diaz, Maria Teresa Barcelo Avila and Raul Armas Ramos PDF File (Abstract)

Sweetpotato weevil pheromones and their precursors: Dose-response and structure-activity relationship in Cylas formicarius Fabr., Cylas brunneus Olivier and Cylas puncticollis Boheman
Erlinda A. Vasquez, Dietmar Schmidt, Claus Peter Zebitz, Uwe Beifuss, Iris Klaiber, Jurgen Kroschel, and Remberto Patindol PDF File (Abstract)

Impacts of the Techno Gabay Program in Eastern Visayas, Philippines as revealed by stakeholders' stories of significant change
Editha G. Cagasan and Ma. Theresa H. Velasco PDF File (Abstract)

A review of soil degradation in the Philippines
Victor B. Asio , Reinhold Jahn, Federico O. Perez , Ian A. Navarrete and Sergio M. Abit Jr. PDF File (Full Paper)

Improvement of the growth, yield, and tuber quality of purple yam through macro and micronutrient fertilization
Anabella B. Tulin PDF File (Abstract)

Conditions leading to addiction and avoidance of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) among game addicts
Neil Anthony C. Rusia and Rotacio S. Gravoso PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 31 N0.1 (2009)

Food security implications of biofuel production
Teodoro C. Mendoza PDF File (Abstract)

Carbohydrate status of sucrose-fed broccoli head during storage and the activity and gene expression of sucrose synthase
Dewoowoogen P. Baclayon and Toshiyuki Matsui PDF File (Full Paper)

Allelochemicals from the leaves of Tamarindus indica L.
Suparna Mandal Biswas, Nasrin Begam, Sunanda Chanda and Lalit Kumar PDF File (Abstract)

Antimicrobial property of chitosan and induction of systemic acquired resistance for the control of rice bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Swings et al.)
Ivy M. Modina, Candelario L. Calibo and Lucia M. Borines PDF File (Abstract)

Nutrient characteristics of aggregates and rhizosphere of a degraded upland soil: Implication for soil fertility evaluation
Ian A. Navarrete, Salfe O. Macalde, and Victor B. Asio PDF File (Abstract)

Morphological characterization of selected papaya (Carica papaya L.) inbreds and hybrids
Florence Lasalita-Zapico and Violeta N. Villegas PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 31 N0.2 (2008)

Development of bacterial blight resistant Mestizo hybrid maintainer and restorer lines through marker-aided backcrossing
Lucia M. Borines, Emilie O. Espejo, Robelyn T. Piamonte,Casiana M. Vera Cruz and Edilberto Redońa PDF File (Abstract)

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in purple food yam (Dioscorea alata L.)
Marilyn M. Belarmino and Jocelyn R. Gonzales PDF File (Full Paper)

Gmelina Boom, Farmers' Doom: Tree growers' risks, coping strategies and options
Paulo N. Pasicolan and Damasa M. Macandog PDF File (Abstract)

Growing tropical tree planting stock in root trainers: Cell volume, seedling density and growing media
Sanjay Singh, N. P. S. Nain and S. P. Tripathi PDF File (Abstract)

Research Note: Floristic inventory of monocots in Mt. Pangasugan, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines
Pamela M. Po-Abit PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 30 N0.1 (2008)

In vitro plant regeneration from flower stalk explants of Phalaenopsis amabilis
Darlyn B. Posas and Marilyn M. Belarmino PDF File (Abstract)

Incidence of sweetpotato viruses in Central Luzon, Philippines
Erlinda A. Vasquez, Manuel K. Palomar, Lilibeth B. Laranang and Edgardo B. Barsalote PDF File (Abstract)

Effects of leaf decomposition of selected exotic and native tree species on forest soil quality
Cheryl C. Batistel and Victor B. Asio PDF File (Abstract)

Altitudinal distribution of skinks along Cantubias Ridge of Mt. Pangasugan, Baybay, Leyte
Litlen P. Dapar and Teofanes A. Patindol PDF File (Abstract)

Pollen morphology and their viability of some Indian mangroves
Suparna Gupta, Arunima Ghosh, Subrata Maity and Sauren Das PDF File (Abstract)

Effects of mechanical factors on the peeling of cassava
Jesus G. Sagragao and Daniel Leslie S. Tan PDF File (Abstract)

Appropriation of the information and communications technologies by farmers and extension workers in Borongan, Eastern Samar
Ulderico B. Alviola and Editha G. Cagasan PDF File (Abstract)

Research Note: Optimizing wheat productivity through improved techniques for in situ moisture conservation in a micro watershed under sub-tropical region of North-Western India
Sanjay Arora and M. S. Hadda PDF File (Abstract)

Research Note: Coverage of climate change risks in leading Philippine newspapers
Rick-Angelo Piamonte and Rotacio S. Gravoso PDF File (Abstract)

Research Note: Stream water quality of a Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM)-protected watershed in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines
Arturo E. Pasa PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 28 N0.2 (2006)

Effect of in vitro and in vivo induction of polyethelene glycol-mediated osmotic stress on hybrid taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott)
Manas Ranjan Sahoo, Madhumita DasGupta and Archana Mukherjee PDF File (Abstract)

Time of incorporation of field legume herbage and its influence on the growth and yield of upland rice Berta C. Ratilla and Rodolfo G. Escalada PDF File (Abstract)

Effects of a video-mediated student-centered learning environment on students’ understanding of plant pathology principles
Erik-Ray Matthew S. Palomar and Rotacio S. Gravoso PDF File (Abstract)

Abundance status of flora in Mananga-Kotkot-Lusaran Watersheds, Cebu, Philippines
Justino M. Quimio PDF File (Abstract)

Is Heritiera fomes Buch. Ham. less adapted to the present conditions of the Indian Sundarbans compared to other mangrove species?
P. Nandy (Datta), M. Ghose, R. Spooner-Hart and S. Das PDF File (Abstract)

Screening of blue crab (Portunus pelagicus L.) eyestalk extracts for growth inhibition of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum (Hauber et al. 1998) (Erwinia carotovora) Jones (Holland) and Ralstonia solanacearum (Yabuuchi et al. 1995) (Pseudomonas solanacearum)
E. F. Smith Julissah C. Evangelio and Bernardita P. Germano PDF File (Abstract)

Distribution and abundance of avifauna on the foothills of Mt. Pangasugan, Baybay, Leyte, Philippines
Maritess B. Labrador and Teofanes A. Patindol PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 28 N0.1 (2006)

Soil biological activity under different land-uses in Leyte Philippines
Carsten Marohn, Reinhold Jahn and Joachim Sauerborn PDF File (Full Paper)

Nitrate concentration in animal manure dumping sites
Marilyn C. Sebial and Letecia S. Sonon PDF File (Abstract)

Community structure of arthropods in Agusan del Norte lowland ricefields
Rowena P. Varela and Lina T. Villacarlos PDF File (Abstract)

Biochemistry of postharvest spoilage of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) 2. Comparison of cellulolytic enzyme production in cultures and fungi-infected sweetpotato tubers
R. C. Ray PDF File (Abstract)

Filipino consumer preferences for peanut butter
F. C. F. Galvez, L. S. Palomar, M. L. dL. Francisco, A. O. Lustre, and A. V. A. Resurreccion PDF File (Abstract)

Production of acidophilus milk enriched with purees from colored sweetpotato 9Ipomoea batatas L.) varieties
Rodney H. Perez and Julie D. Tan PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 26 N0.1 & 2 (2004)

Yield and economic returns of peanut and sweetcorn as influenced by timing of planting the crops in an intercropping scheme
Ulysses A. Cagasan and Benjamin Agarcio PDF File (Abstract)

Response of corn to chicken dung and rice hull ash application and mycorrhizal fungi inoculation
Luz G. Asio and Alfredo B. Escasinas PDF File (Abstract)

Moisture adsorption isotherms of dried mangoes at a temperature range of 25 to 45oC
L. M. Diamante, Ken-ichi Ishibashi and Kazunori Hironaka PDF File (Abstract)

Deep bed peanut drying using Hukill’s Analysis
L. M. Diamante , M. S. Chinnan, and P. Mallikurjunan PDF File (Abstract)

Antifungal activity of six botanicals against root crop diseases
Manuel K. Palomar, Erlinda O. Landerito, Avelina P. Molato, Doreen S. Cayanong and Victoria G. Palermo PDF File (Abstract)

Development of an electronic moisture meter for abaca fiber
Feliciano G. Sinon and Alberto C. Martinez Jr. PDF File (Abstract)

Evaluation of the technical performance of root crop processing machines for sweetpotato grates and flour production
D. L. S. Tan, K. Miyamoto, K. Ishibashi, K. Matsuda, T. Satow PDF File (Abstract)

Characterization of nutrient deficiency symptoms in sweetpotato through farmer-scientist participatory approach
Anabella B. Tulin, Victor B. Asio, Dindo M. Campilan and Shigenao Kawai PDF File (Abstract)

Bioassay-guided isolation of the antimicrobial compounds of Coleus amboinicus Loureiro (Lamiaceae)
E. A. Vasquez, W. Kraus, J. Conrad, B. Volger, C. Zebitz and B. M. Rejesus PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 25 N0.2 (2003)

Socio-economic Research Techniques in Non-industrial Forestry
Steve Harrison PDF File (Abstract)

Empowering People’s Organizations in Community Based Forest Management in the Philippines: The Community Organizing Role of NGOs
Stephen Duthy and Bernadette Bolo-Duthy PDF File (Abstract)

Value-adding in Forestry at the Farm and Community Level
Dennis P. Peque PDF File (Abstract)

Philippine Forest Ecosystems and Climate Change: Carbon Stocks, Rate of Sequestration and the Kyoto Protocol
Rodel D. Lasco and Florencia B. Pulhin PDF File (Abstract)

A Model to Help People to Realize Sustainable Forestry Futures
Jerome K. Vanclay, Ravi Prabhu, Robert Muetzelfeldt and Mandy Haggith PDF File (Abstract)

Rainforest Reforestation and Biodiversity Benefits: A Case Study from the Australian Wet Tropics
Robert Harrison, Grant Wardell-Johnson and Clive McAlpine PDF File (Abstract)

Property Rights Issues in Small-scale Forestry in the Philippines
Steve Harrison PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 25 N0.1 (2003)

Tree Planting Progress at Four Community Forestry Sites In Leyte: Some Observations and Lessons Learned
Eduardo O. Mangaoang and Steve Harrison PDF File (Abstract)

Establishing a Reforestation Baseline in Community Forestry in Leyte
John Herbohn PDF File (Abstract)

The Philippines’ Community-Based Resource Management Program
Willie Osita PDF File (Abstract)

Preferred Native Tree Species for Smallholder Forestry in Leyte
Eduardo O. Mangaoang and Arturo E. Pasa PDF File (Abstract)

The One-minute Modeller: An Introduction to Simile
Jerome K. Vanclay PDF File (Abstract)

Some Research Experiences in Socio-economics of Non-industrial Forestry in the Philippines
Steve Harrison, Tyron Venn, John Herbohn, Peter Dart and Sharon Brown PDF File (Abstract)

Landholder Types in Leyte, the Philippines: A Review of Literature and Proposals for Methods to Extend Understanding
Nicholas F. Emtage PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 24 N0.2 (2002)

Survey of ultraviolet radiation-absorbing mycosporine-like amino acids in adult females of planktonic copepods
Dorothy G. Lacuna PDF File (Abstract)

The ichthyofauna of Lake Manguao, Taytay, Palawan, Philippines
Joie D. Matillano PDF File (Abstract)

Fish length measurements using artificial neural networks
C.M. Orofeo, R. U. Cruzet, M. P. B. Kindica, B. Zuidberg,and K. Karremans PDF File (Abstract)

Hunting pattern and pressure of communities inside protected areas in Leyte
Teofanes A. Patindol PDF File (Abstract)

Mora grass in contour hedgerow: A technology for a sustainable upland farming system
Zosimo M. de la Rosa PDF File (Abstract)

Life history of yam scale, Gonaspidiotus hartii Cockerell (Hemiptera:Diaspididae)
Erlinda A. Vasquez and Melecio A. Buyser PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 24 N0.1 (2002)

Natural vegetative strips in degraded calcareous soil environments: Successful stabilization of steep slopes in the Central Philippines
Marco Stark and Julito Itumay PDF File (Abstract)

Growth, development and flower quality of poinsettia as influenced by nutrient level and plant growth regulation method
Doris P. Quita and Misael T. Diputado PDF File (Abstract)

Cultural management manipulation for baby corn (Zea mays Linn.) production. I. Effects of variety and organic manure growth and yield of baby corn
Reynaldo R. Javier PDF File (Abstract)

Effect of temperature and water activity on quality deterioration and shelf life of dried mangoes
Lemuel M. Diamante, Ken-ichi Ishibashi and Kazunori Hironaka PDF File (Abstract)

Effectiveness of cassava plastic storage technology and marketability of plastic-packed cassava roots
Emma S. Data, Editha G. Cagasan and Joselito B. Layola PDF File (Abstract)

Promotive factors for callus initiation and plant regeneration in upland rice
Marilyn M. Belarmino PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 23 N0.2 (2001)

Effective production of recombinant esterase in Bacillus brevis using a pH-controlled fed-batch culture
Edgardo E. Tulin PDF File (Abstract)

Cell-free synthesis of tachyplesin, an antimicrobial peptide from tachypleus tridentatus
Edgardo E. Tulin, Anabella B. Tulin, and Shin-ichiro Ejiri PDF File (Abstract)

Bioochemistry of postharvest spoilage of sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.)1. Changes in starch, total sugar, praline and ascorbic acid content
R.C. Ray and Swayam Prava Pati PDF File (Abstract)

Effect of some edaphic factors on microbial decomposition of leaf fibre biomass of Toona ciliata Roxb. and Trema orientalis Bl.
Sunanda Chanda, Kakali Ghosh,Priyanka Majumbar,and Swapan K. Bhaduri PDF File (Abstract)

Biology of yam mealybug, Planococcus pacificus Cox (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)
Erlinda A. Vasquez and Melecio A. Buyser PDF File (Abstract)

Altitudinal distribution and quantitative vegetation analysis of the monocotyledonous flora in Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines
Pamela M. Po-Abit and Norma Aguilar PDF File (Abstract)

Species diversity of moconotyledonous vegetation in Mt.Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines
Pamela M. Po-Abit and Norma Aguilar PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 23 N0.1 (2001)

Effect of NaCl on axillary shoot proliferation in sweetpotato
Archana Mukherjee PDF File (Abstract)

Evaluation of stability in sweetpotato using different methods
S.K. Naskar and Archana Mukherjee PDF File (Abstract)

Estimation of leaf area index in two abaca (Musa textiles Nee) varieties by regression methods
Ricardo A. Esplanada Jr. and Romel B. Armecin PDF File (Abstract)

Influence of leaf volatiles of Eucalyptus citriodora Hook. on the growth and development of Exorista bombycis (Louis)
K.C. Narayanaswamy PDF File (Abstract)

Bacteriocin production by Enterococcus faecalis VRE 1492 using different media at varying pH and temperatures
Julie D. Tan PDF File (Abstract)

Desorption isotherms of sweetened maturing coconut at different temperatures
Lemuel M. Diamante PDF File (Abstract)

Review Article: Mechanization of rice production in the Philippines: trends and perspectives
Caesar Joventino M. Tado PDF File (Abstract)

Volume 22 N0.1 & 2 (2000)

An aquatic wild plant as a keystone species in a traditional Philippine rice growing system: its agroecological implications
Konrad Martin and Joachim Sauerborn PDF File (Abstract)

Distribution, transmission and disease characterization of sweetpotato feathery mottle virus
Manuel K. Palomar, E.B. Barsalote and H.S.V. Colis PDF File (Abstract)

Microorganisms asssociated with postharvest spoilage of yams
R.C. Ray, M. Nedunzhiyan and C. Balagopalan PDF File (Abstract)

Botanical control of golden kuhol (Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck) using asyang [Mikania cordata (Burm. F.) B.L. Robinson]
Lualhati M. Noriel, Josef Margraf, Flora Mia Y. Duatin and Marilyn P. Guzman PDF File (Abstract)

External morphology of eri (Samia cynthia ricini Boisduval) egg during embryonic development
D.N.R. Reddy and K.C. Narayanaswamy PDF File (Abstract)

Surface charge characteristics of selected Philippine soils
Anabella B. Tulin PDF File (Abstract)

Nutrient status of soils in the rain forest of Mt. Pangasugan, Leyte, Philippines
Sabine Zikeli, Victor B. Asio and Reinhold Jahn PDF File (Abstract)

Soil biological parameters as indicators of sustainability of natural and agricultural land use systems
M.S. Nagaraja and V.R. Ramakrishna Parama PDF File (Abstract)

Effects of temperature on drying rates and sensory qualities of sweetened maturing coconut meat (coco-crisps)
Lemuel M. Diamante, Jesebel P. Rosillo and Remberto Patindol PDF File (Abstract)

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